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Japan has never been so readily available

The doors of Japan are open to you!

Visiting Japan without speaking Japanese is like going to the movies and just watching the trailers. As everywhere, people will open up infinitely more if you show interest in them, their culture and their language. To speak is to be independent, to be able to ask for directions, to read...

In Japan, few people speak other language than Japanese, so a mastery of the basics is strictly necessary.

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Is it easy? Yes it is!

Japanese has a particularity: words coming from abroad are not translated, but simply transcribed in a special writing, the katakana. It is a relatively simple syllabary (each character allows writing one syllable of a word).

If you know katakana, you already know how to read all the words coming from other languages than Japanese, from electronic devices (computer, printer, smartphone, etc.) to food (beer, French fries, banana, grapes, etc.) to medicines (aspirin, insulin, etc.) and many other things.

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How does it work?

It is a quiz-based learning method. Satisfying and highly addictive visual and auditory stimuli reward correct answers. You learn without realizing it!

A progress bar follows your learning and constantly shows you how far you have come and how far you have to go.

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