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What is Katakana Rocks?

Do you plan to travel to Japan? Do you know that in Japan, less than 30% of the population speaks English? Learning Japanese is essential, but traditional methods can be boring and ineffective. That's where Katakana Rocks comes in!

Our story begins with your rock band preparing for a tour in Japan. However, there's one challenge - you don't speak Japanese! Fear not, as Maeko is here to help you learn the essentials of the Japanese language as efficiently as quickly as possible. Join her in this interactive quiz-based game and become fluent in Katakana in no time!

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Why Learn Katakana?

Katakana is one of the three writing systems used in the Japanese language, alongside Hiragana and Kanji. It is primarily used for English and foreign loanwords. By learning Katakana, you will be able to read and understand about 20% of Japanese words!

A Game-Based Learning Experience

Katakana Rocks transforms the learning process into a fun and engaging game. Progress through levels and watch your Katakana knowledge grow.

Katakana Rocks is suitable for learners aged 15 to 45, but it is so user-friendly that even a 5-year-old child can play and learn!

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Fun and Easy

Learn Katakana through an enjoyable quiz-based game, making the process engaging and effortless.


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